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Zach Garcia
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Zach Garcia

Much disappoint

I'm trying not to be a downer. But man, it's hard. I've been dealt some personal and professional blows lately and it's hard not to take them personally. Even though I know there is absolutely nothing personal to them. Business decisions on both sides of the coin. You think you're...

Zach Garcia

What's in a (Nick)name?

I've been thinking about names and nicknames lately. I have nicknames for my kids, but not really my wife. We don't have nicknames. Did we come up in an age where nicknames weren't really a thing? Not really. Plenty of people I know have nicknames. Sure, you can add an...

Zach Garcia

I learned it by watching you!

I'd like to start by saying Congratulations to Drugs for winning the war on drugs. There's a famous PSA from the 80's (you can see it here) where a kid is rocking out in his room and his old man comes in and kills the stereo. He presents a box...

Zach Garcia


I can't take much more. My heart is already heavy. And the shit just keeps piling on and piling on and piling on... And I'm not well... I'm having a really hard fucking time with things. I'm crying at the drop of a hat. I'm overly emotional. I'm trying to...

Zach Garcia

What I did on my summer vacation...

We just got back from our annual summer trip back home... And I'm crafting some more detailed posts about what we specifically did, but we had a great trip. But imma be honest... I spent a lot of time scrolling videos on my phone... Especially towards the end of our...

Zach Garcia

Validation (but only in my dreams)

I am a winner. The competition was stiff. Wilford Brimley (Diabeetus) was a judge. As was fellow "Cocoon" co-star Don Ameche. We were in an orchard of some kind awaiting the results. I was asking my peers what they had submitted, but nothing rings a bell. I was so concerned...

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